《Guru's Talk》
Good Fortune or Disaster
•By Sheng-Yen Lu, Living Buddha Lian Sheng•
Translated by TBN

(From Book 177: Stories About Seeing Deities and Ghosts)

(Continued from issue 522)

As far as I am concerned, in this world, even though people consider that human beings are the cleverest among all God’s creations, it is the spirits that haunt them — you could say that it is the spirits controlling the human beings. But in some cases, it is the human beings controlling the spirits, interacting with each other, influencing each other.

I say this as an absolutely true fact. If you don’t believe it, I’m not going to force you to accept it. But as I’ve seen, it is exactly like this.

The journalist, Mr. Ma, had been promoted to director of his newspaper’s interview department. He had been promoted to a higher position, his salary had been doubled. It certainly was good fortune for him.

His newspaper colleagues celebrated with him at a dinner at a restaurant. One colleague exclaimed, “Congratulations, Director!” Another exclaimed, “Congratulations, Director!” Over here is a toast of drinks! Over there is a toast of drinks! It consequently led to the dinking of too much alcohol. Usually, Mr. Ma’s capacity for liquor was pretty good; in fact, he had a reputation that his capacity for liquor was like an ocean. His ordinary behaviour was also especially heroic and generous. The celebratory dinner party was without restraint. They moved their party from one to place to another, several times.

After finishing drinking at one place, they would immediately move to another place and continue their drinking. They did this three or four times, going to three or four different places to drink and party. Mr. Ma was dead drunk by now. When he finally returned home, he went into his bathroom and soaked himself in a hot bath. This new Director of Interviews fell asleep in his bathtub.

(To be continued)



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